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Leisure cycling is about seeing, exploring and visiting new places on a bike without breaking segment records, riding at pace or spending long hours in the saddle to achieve your cycling goals. 


The inspiration behind comes from enjoying numerous cycle tours in the UK and Europe to learn something new, see something different or visit famous attractions along the way without rushing to get there.

Leisure cycling and self-guided cycling holidays are growing in popularity and there has never been a better time to start especially with wider ownership of e-bikes (electric bikes) and general improvements to national cycling infrastructure.

We've teamed up with Active on Holiday

If you are looking to go on a cycling holiday for the first time or searching for a supported, yet independent cycle tour, we have teamed up with Active on Holiday who offer a wide selection of self-guided cycling holidays throughout Europe.

ll cycle tours include luggage transfers and electric bikes are available on all cycling holidays.

Find out more about Acti
ve on Holiday and the cycle tours here.

Cycling holidays with Active on Holiday

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