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Cycling around Valencia. I'm back!

Apologies for the radio silence...

Over the past six months, there hasn't been much activity on Not because I have fallen out of love with cycling, travelling or getting out and about, it's just that the past few months have been really busy with other writing projects, wedding planning and not having the time to ride at weekends.

My weekend cycling activities have also been limited to rides around the local area due to the months and months of Northern Rail strikes on Saturdays. I even considered buying a used car as the lack of trains was getting me down!

The main reason for the relatively few updates on the site is that since the start of the 2018/19 football season, I have been writing a regular programme article for my local football team and League One side - Rochdale A.F.C. I am their 'New Found Fan' and most of my spare time has been used for football-related research and writing.

Football is a subject that has always been close to me and the article allows me to write about all manner of football quirks and local history as a first-time season ticket holder. More importantly, I have learnt about how to turn copy around for tight deadlines, proof-reading final versions of articles for print and seeking out topical sporting stories to feature.

In November 2018, I married my lovely fiancée Jilly at Rochdale's historic Town Hall. In order to prepare for the day, most autumn weekends and evenings were spent visiting an endless stream of retail parks to buy wedding-related items instead of going out and about on my bike!

Evenings at home and commutes on the train consisted of fine-tuning budget spreadsheets, planning the honeymoon to Japan and China as well as sorting out music playlists.

All of the hard work was worth it though as the 'wedding fortnight' was the most exciting and complete time of my life so far.

But now I am back.

The train strike is over, wedding plans have concluded and I have just returned from my first cycling/football weekender of the year in Valencia.

The below is just a short summary of my weekend away to Spain in January 2019. I still haven't found the time to make a return to the detailed trip reports of old. However, something is better than nothing especially as I have just renewed my annual subscription!

Exploring the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia...

Valencia is somewhere that I have always wanted to visit. I actually bought a flight in the past to the city but didn't go because of other commitments.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the City of Arts and Sciences designed by the internationally famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.