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European Bike Hire Locations

Sometimes taking your own bike can be impractical when you go away and you may want to hire a bike to explore the local area using a bike hire company.

After hiring bikes on numerous occasions for weekend breaks etc, I have put together a simple guide to help you do the same. I hope this bike hire guide by European city and the closest airport encourages you to keep cycling even if you have left your own bike at home.

You can now hire a bike from most towns and cities across Europe. These bike rental locations offer a wide choice of bike hire options in convenient locations.

Why not go on a cycling holiday?

If you enjoyed hiring a bike for a few days, why not make your next holiday a full-service European cycling holiday with luggage transfers, local bike hire, pre-planned routes and hotel accommodation all included in the price?


We've partnered up with Active on Holiday who offer a wide selection of independent self-guided cycling holidays around Europe. Visit their website here.


European Bike Hire Locations

This bike hire list has been gathered for information purposes only to encourage people to cycle when away from home and is subject to change. recommend that you have adequate travel insurance to cover any eventualities whilst hiring a bike either at home or abroad.

(Cycle hire list updated: March 2023)

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