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Regional Cycling Information

Through working in the leisure cycling industry over the years and cycling holidays in particular, I've often been given lots of information about cycle paths, cycle routes and cycling facilities in most parts of Europe by local tourist offices. However, I've never found everything in one place online!

This useful directory of 'cycling tourist information' lists all of the cycling tourist board material and details by region with a direct link to their dedicated cycling webpages. I've used European arrival airports as the basis of the list but will expand the directory further to include ferry ports, important tourist hotspots and popular cycling locations in the coming months.

I hope that you find the information useful and helps you plan a future cycle tour somewhere new in Europe using the wealth of information out there... 


Search by region or city...

This list has been gathered for information purposes only to encourage people to cycle when away from home and is subject to change. recommend that you have adequate cycling insurance to cover any eventualities either at home or abroad.


(Updated: March 2023)

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