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Scooting around Salzburgerland in Austria

World War II Tank

The first blog post of 2018. I'm back...

This is my first blog post of 2018 as I have been using my spare time to write articles for football magazines, prepared and delivered a successful architecture photo talk to the Rochdale Photographic Society and also visited Riga in Latvia where the closest I came to anything cycling related was taking a photo of an old Soviet-era ‘shopper’ bike! (See below...)

Latvian Shopper Bike

To be honest, the weather this winter has been too bad to go out on the bike with frequent snow and heavy rain at weekends, so I’ve had few cycling-related stories to tell.

That said, I still managed to get one ‘winter cycle tour’ in between January and March, but I had to go to Austria of all places to do it!

Off to Austria for only £25...

The last Sunday ski flight of the season to Salzburg was priced at only £25 one way with and after about two years of promising to go over and visit our cycling holiday partners, I decided to head back to one of my favourite countries in Europe and spend time with the team in Salzburg.

I then booked another cheap flight with Ryanair back to Manchester from Nuremberg with a night in Innsbruck to explore a different part of Austria.

On-board the last Sunday ski flight to Salzburg...

As this was one of the last flights of the winter schedule to Salzburg from Manchester, the plane was practically empty.

There were approximately thirty people on-board and whilst I had a row of three seats to myself, the combination of a light plane and a warm, yet strong wind from the Mediterranean called the ‘foehn’ caused one of the bumpiest and turbulent flights I’ve ever experienced.

After a relatively steady flight until about twenty minutes to landing, we flew over Passau and the plane started shaking so much that I had to hold onto the row of seats in front to steady myself.

I could even see the air-frame flex from my position at the back of the plane! The bad turbulence only lasted ten minutes but was still quite scary. Boeing 737

The flight might have been bumpy, but I should have been thankful because the warm winds from the Mediterranean increased the local temperature to around twenty degrees! This created the perfect conditions to cycle around the nearby lake region.

I was met at the airport by Claudia who looks after the international partners around mid-morning.

Superb homemade schnitzels...

She had planned an itinerary for me and we went back to her house for Sunday afternoon traditional Austrian schnitzels with the family. I was impressed that they were almost identical in shape to the outline of Austria!

I can also say that as a fan of any food in breadcrumbs whether fish, meat or vegetables, the homemade ‘Wallner’ schnitzels will be hard for any restaurant to beat in the future!