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Leisure Cycling Accessories

Leisure cycling accessories are often mixed in with cycling equipment required for road cycling or mountain biking, so it can be difficult to find the items required specifically for leisure cycling. I have created a simple online shopping list by category that will enable you to create your own cycle tour if you can buy some of the items below from Amazon.


These leisure cycling items are not personally tried and tested, however they are some of the most popular and specialist products and brands available for cycle touring or a cycling holiday.

All orders are processed via Amazon directly. These items have been handpicked and will earn a commission on each sale.

Rear Panniers

Rack Packs

Phone & Map Holders

Bikepacking - Rear Bags

Handlebar Bags

Frame Bags

Hybrid Bike Tyres

Bike Locks

GPS Devices



Bicycle Pumps

Chamois Cream

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