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About me

My name is Steven Rittey and I currently live in Manchester, UK. I am originally from Gosport on England's south coast and I am in my early thirties.

Cycling has been good for me. I met my wife through cycling and have a job that allows me to channel my love of all things bike with an equal love of travel!

I like to plan cycle tours with a theme. I usually find two points on the map, book a couple of advance train tickets and then ride between the two.


There are not many places in the U.K. and Europe that I have not been to and I am always looking for somewhere new to go.

When I return home, I like to feel like I have accomplished something on a ride. This is my motivation for going out again...and again!

Likes and interests

Pre-ride dish:  Filled pasta shells with a pesto sauce
Snack: Yoghurts (Anything)
In my cycling jersey back pocket: Maltloaf

Coffee: From my Nespresso machine

Drink: Hot - Green tea / Cold - Chocolate milk

Phone: Microsoft Lumia

Laptop: MacBook Pro

Camera: Lumia phone cameras are excellent

Sound system: DAB Radio
Car: Never owned one (Got a Driving Licence though)
Dream bike: Top spec Brompton or Swifty Zero Scooter
Watch: Microsoft Band or Mondaine

App: Adobe Photoshop Express


Cycling clothes: Aldi for value. Rapha for design
Hat: Bicycle helmet
Sportswear: Nike

Book: Lonely Planet travel guides

Architecture: Post-war and 2000 onwards
Magazine: Cycling Active, GQ, Rail and the Sunday Times

Music: From 'dance anthems' to BBC Radio 2
Hometown: Gosport
Current home: Manchester

Favourite destination: Southern Germany
UK Staycation: Isle of Wight or Wales

Other active interests: Skating, scooting and running

Dream cycle ride: Japan and South Korea train and bike tour

Contact me

If you think that you have a great ride, would like to promote a route or would like to get in contact with me, then get in touch!

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