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- I'll put it myself. - I took my cup, put a spoon and a half of sugar, tried it - again too much. When will I learn to determine the dose?

- So who threw the trunk, Tanya? asked Zelepukin, leaning back Spinia Erfahrungen.

I paused and answered:

- I don’t know the last name yet, but I can describe a person who, if he didn’t do it himself, then knows exactly who.

“Come on, describe, and we will listen,” Oleg agreed kindly.

“About forty years old,” I began, “single, with a face like a cinematic Mexican, with a mustache, tall, athletic, drives a Volkswagen Golf number 157 ...” As I was talking, I noticed that Zelepukin and Sasha began to look at each other uneasily. — There are very good reasons to believe that it was this person who organized all these affairs in the casino. The motive is that he marries Nina Gudkova, and he does not need competitors.


Spinia Erfahrungen

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